Link List

Most of the links are unfortunately in German. Additional suggesions are welcome.


Breeds, Breeding Federation 
all about the Leutstettener Horses 
Breeding Federation of Furioso North Stars in Hungary (Site in hungarian) 
Breeding Federation of Mährischen Warmblutes in Czechs (Site in czech)
Hungarian Breeding Federation
Breeding Federation of Hungarian Sportshorses
Breeding Federation of German Horses
Hungarian cold-blood site (under construction)
Hungarian Kisberi and Gidran Breeding Federation
American Breeding Federation of Hungarian Horses


Clubs, Studs 
Society for the conversation of old and of rare breeds
Kisberi stallion Hópihe and Arab stallion Szar Szara Cham Dell Lila
Hungarian Equestian Federation


Stallionregisters, Database
Database of the Slovakia (Site in slovak)
Hungarian Stallionregisters
Horsemarket for Sportshorses and Stallionregisters
Stallionregisters of Netherlands


Hungarian Forum
Forum for Russian horses
Baroque bridles

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