Where Is My Horse From

Now you are the proud owner of a brand marked horse, how can you find out where the horse comes from?

First, it must be clear as to what sort of brand it is. The Hungarians have two ways of branding: on the neck or in the saddle area. The branding position shows you what sort of breed you have, a "right" breed or an "simple" halfbred. (Although this does not mean, there are no “right” breed in the Hungarian halfbreds).


On the left side of the neck, just behind the poll, is the county brand, it usually consists of two letters. On the same side of the neck, but further down toward the withers, is the year of birth. Horses that are born up to and including 1991 have only one number for the year of birth and if they come from a state owned stud the first letter of the stud is used in place of the county letters. As from 1992 two digits for the year of birth are used. On the right side of the neck, again just behind the poll, is also a number which can vary in length from a single to three digits (I have not yet come across a fourth digit). This number indicates the umpteenth birth of foals born that year in the county. By this you can guess whether the horse has been born early or rather late in the year. All this information can also be found in the papers.

For example by my Ékes

HR = Hadjú-Bihar, born on 1993

442. foal (she was born on 10. November 1993)



The saddle brand is in the saddle position. On the left hand side the letter at the top shows the race (inverted K for Kisber, F for Furioso etc.) under that the - I'll call it: "Foal number". On the right hand saddle position the year of birth is shown.

F = Furioso (Furioso North Star) - 70. foal in this year

08 = 2008


The Leutstettener Horses (Sárvárer) have their own brand. On the left hand saddle position the foals get an S for Sárvár with a crown above it. On the right hand saddle position the first letter of the father and on the left hind leg the number of the breeding society can be found. More information about the Leutstettener horses can be found at www.leutstettener.de


All those that have a horse with a brand on its neck should not think that they have a "nag" standing in the stable. I'll try to explain this using the German breeding program as an example:
We have many known races (Hanoverian, Oldenburg, Württemberger, Holsteiner, and others), we also have "simple" breeds that are registered as a German horse or German small horse. If for example a Hanoverian does not come up to the necessary standards of the association exam it still has the chance to be registered with the ZfdP (Breeding Association of German Horses). The descendants are then at least Hanoverian, but with no Hanoverian brand. My "Mien Deern" is a Hannoverian
(parents are registered and genetic analysis has also proved it). For me the Hanoverian association is too expensive - therefore it bears no Hanoverian marks on the legs and has instead the ZfdP brand.
What kind of brand your horse carries
can also depend on the purse of the breeder.


The counties are the states in Hungary, as in Germany. The letter combination shows the first letter / s of the respective county.

county from 1867 to 1918

current counties









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