Furioso North Star


Breeding mein focus state stud Mezöhegyes


mostly bay, black, chestnut, grey


ca. 160cm to 165cm


large nostrils, ears finely cut, medium-sized noble head, straight profile; strong neck, straight, strong back; muscular sloping croup, oblique, strong shoulders; pronounced withers, powerful hindquarters, well set tail; strong, correct limbs; strong dry tendons and joints, regular, hard hooves; full, beautiful longhair

Inner Values

tough, intelligent, persistent, frugal, versatile, docile, elegant, strong nerves, reliable, willing, strong, acquiescent


expansive movements


sport, hobby, riding, hunting


In 1841 they began with thoroughbred stallions "Furioso" and "North Star" breeding with some Nonius mares and creating a new race. Until 1885 breeds were seperated befor people began to mix them, Furiosos line was predominat. In those days they called it "Mezöhegyes Halfblood". At the end of the 19th century they began mix Furioso and North Star compeletely. Nowadays the Furioso horses do not have a lot of the characteristics from their ancestors.


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