southern Hungary


mostly chestnut with light mane and tail hair, also bay, chestnut- an bay-grey, rarely grey or black


ca. 160cm to 163cm


Large, dry head, straight to convex profile; short, arched neck, strong shoulders, deep, broad chest, low withers, belt much depth, vigorous, considerably lower back and powerful hindquarters, muscular, sloping croup; muscular, short legs, strong bones, big, round, firm hooves, little feathers

Inner Values

strong, willing, gentle, balanced, friendly, good eater, active, reliable, frugal, energetic




agriculture, draft horse


The Muraköser is the main draft horse of hungary. It's origin is from the area of river "mura" which is situated in the souht of hungary. In the late 19th century there was a demand of powerful but fast draft horses. It evolved of a mix of local, Hungaian mare (Mur-Insulan) and Percheron, Ardenner, Noriker and Hungarian halfblood. The result was a strong and active drafthose. Befor the second Wold War 20% of all horses in hungary were "Muraköser", but a lot of them died.


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