state stud Kisbér


all colours, mostly chestnut, bay and black


ca. 160cm to 165cm


Expressive head; nice patch neck, powerful, sloping shoulder, medium length back, long, sloping, muscular croup; dry foundation, well-marked joints, healthy hooves

Inner Values

quiet, hard, persevering


wide, elastic movements, jumping ability


riding horse (especially terrain, distance and hunting), driving horse for lighter carriages


In 1853 this breed was first created with British and Arabian horses. The breeding objective was to create noble halfblood horses. In 1867 here were 10 thoroughbred stallions, including "Buccanneer", born in 1857 which was the main founder of the Hungarian thoroughbred line, and "Cambuscan", born in 1872, father of unbeaten mare "Kincsem".
From 1859 breeding became more successful because of the concil of minister "Kozma" who decided to only use thoroughbreds. After the first World War they began to mix Arabian blood with that of also Furioso, orth Star and Trakehner. In the second World War Kisber lost its home. They were forced to continue in "Dalmand" and "Sarvar".

Buccanneers son "Kisber" established his own thoroughbred tribe in England.


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