Shagya Arab


state stud Bábolna


grey, rarely bay, chestnut or black


ca. 150 to 160 cm


robust Arabs type; small, expressive head, concave or straight profile, big eyes, stretchable nostrils, small, pointed ears; strong jowls, shapeliness, muscular neck, pronounced withers, long, sloping shoulder, deep chest, sufficiently long back, short hindquarters, straight croup, high set and raised tail; stable foundation, dry, correct legs, hard, small hooves

Inner Values

good temperament, impeccable character, intelligent, good-natured, persevering, hard, powerful, frugal, good eater, very fast


springy movements, good strides


leisure, driving, distance


The Shagya Arab evolved around 1830 in Babolna. They imported Arabian mares an stallions and mixed them with the Babolnian horses. One of those stallions was "Shagya". He became the father of this new breed. Through selective breeding a special Arabian horse evolved which is more robust than a purebred Arabian horse.



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