Breeding mein focus state stud Mezöhegyes


mostly bay or black


big Nonius: ca. 165 to 175 cm
small Nonius. Ca 150 to 165 cm


Beautiful head, straight to convex profile, friendly eyes, lively ears; medium long, highly set neck, well marked withers, long, sloping shoulder, broad chest, belts good depth, long, straight back, muscular, straight croup, high set tail; strong, dry foundation, hard, round hooves

Inner Values

tough, reliable, willing, hard, persevering. Quiet, powerful, balanced


expansive movement, good jumper


big Nonius: riding an carriage horse
small Nonius: riding horse (
especially hunting and jumping)


During the Napoleonic Wars, the Autrian army looted some young stallions from a French stud called "Rosiéres". Especially light brown Anglo-norman stallion "Nonius" who came in 1816 to Mezöhegyes. From 1816 he was breeding stallion for 17 years.
He produced 15 "tribe stallions" who were active for 100 years in Mezöhegyes. In 1989 an organisation for Nonius breeders was founded where the main focus to keep the bree purer and maintain the genes. Until 1961 Nonius were divided into two groups: the smaller and the bigger Nonius


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