Hungarian Sportshorse


Breeding main focus state stud Mezöhegyes (Mezöhegyes Sportshorse)


mostly bay, otherwise all primary colors


ca. 160 to 175 cm


noble, expressive, small, dry head, straight to concave profile, wide forehead, expressive eyes, pointed ears; good patch, strong neck of medium length, sometimes something ewe neck, well-shaped, somewhat steep shoulder, deep, broad chest, withers clearly, sufficient belts deep, strong, long muscular back, sloping croup, high set tail; medium strong foundation, sometimes not quite correct; long, dry legs, strong joints, tendons clear, small, firm hooves; beautiful longhair

Inner Values

lively, fast, persevering, hard working, hard, intelligent, balanced temperament, good charakter, diligent


average transitions, good jumping ability


riding horses, carriage horse


In Mezöhegyes they founded a Sportshorse stud with mares having different ancestors who were successful in competitions. Those mares were mainly bred with Hannoverian, Holsteiner and Thoroughbred stallions. In the 1970's and 80's more and more foreign stallions came into Hungarian sport horsebreeding, mainly German, and later also Dutch, Belgian and French blood.


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